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Our Mission: To provide the people that are dedicated to helping others with the tools they need to be successful!

Greetings Nonprofit & Faithbased Pros

  1. Are you looking for dynamic Employment Readiness program development for your organization that focuses on measurable outcomes & marketable results? Find out more
  2. Do you have great fund raising ideas but are having challenges launching them and getting the funding you need?
  3. Can you benefit from ambitious and practical onsite or DIY staff development training's that provide them with the professional skill set they need to accomplish your mission goals? Find out more

Can we have a conversation concerning your challenges in ANY of the following areas?

Executive Leadership Development

Starting a new nonprofit

Systematically Developing a Successful Board 

Discipling Faith-based Leaders

Career Readiness Skill Development Tools

and MORE...

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Here's Why...

  1. Our team of consultants & coaches collaborate with leaders like you and their organizations to develop strategies that deliver  quantifiable results. 
  2. We help organizations clarify their mission and align all of their resources to fund, measure, and achieve their desired outcomes.
  3.  Organizations benefit from improved decision making and stronger leadership and management.

How We Do It...

  1. We start by understanding your most critical decisions and defining what success would look like. 
  2. Recognizing that the definition of success varies tremendously by client, we find that the right questions and approaches vary too. 
  3. For any given client, we seek to identify the most vital questions and structure the work to answer them. 

These questions may include:

  • What are the most powerful strategies your organization/network can pursue to dramatically increase social impact?
  • What structure, process, talent, and culture are necessary to achieve your goals?
  • What sources of sustainable revenue exist to support your organization?
  • How will you know if you are making a difference?
  • How will you learn and improve over time?
  • Who must you engage to make change successful, and how can you ensure they are part of the change process?

Winston C. Trumpet & Associates are dedicated to providing exceptional growth consultation & leadership coaching for executives, clergy, and other professionals in the nonprofit/faithbased sector.

For many years now, I’ve been privileged to work personally and privately with leaders and professionals of non profit and faithbased organizations who are heavily involved and highly committed to fulfilling the mission and vision of their organizations.

My clients carry major responsibilities, a demanding workload and have critical decisions to make. They want to thrive as individuals, avoid burnout and increase work and leadership effectiveness. 

If this sounds like you we welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and how our tailored organizational and personal growth programs might assist you and your company.

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"I have worked with Winston in many situations over 8 years. He always demonstrates compassion and empathy for clients' challenges and brings well constructed solutions to the table. In executive coaching situations he facilitates discovery and client-generated solutions...the type they can commit to with energy and passion. 

He is a skilled coach and wears the management consultant's hat equally well as the need arises." R. Spearman,New Jersey

"Congratulations to Winston Trumpet on Landing His First State Contract

We are always happy to hear about the cool things our grads are doing, and we're always ready to celebrate their successes. We wanted to take a moment to congratulate Winston Trumpet, of Strategic Business Associates LLC, on winning a contract with Middlesex County for his proposal on Out-Of-School Year Round Young Adults Programs (Ages 16-24)."

"Winston we appreciate your role in our own growth, as a valued member of our team. Thank you for always bringing your A game for our entrepreneurs. Thanks for sharing not just your knowledge, wisdom and experience, but also your heart and faith in the classroom. 

Rising Tide Capital,Jersey City NJ

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Certified Professional Coaches

Professional  JERSEY CITY coach Winston Cornelius Trumpet

Please share with anyone that you want to see succeed in their faithbased or nonprofit mission. I guarantee they will thank you for it!

Posted by Winston C. Trumpet on Friday, April 1, 2016

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